October 28, 2022

Alternative Power Solutions for Extended Outages in the Pacific Northwest

Learn about standby generators and battery backup systems that can provide power during extended outages in the Pacific Northwest.

Alternative Power Solutions for Extended Outages in the Pacific Northwest

Living on the west coast, we know that fall and winter storms are just part of life living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Vulnerable infrastructure and consistent, strong storms have left many Island residents without power over the years—a problem that seems to be only getting worse. Luckily, most of these outages only last a few hours. But what would you do without any power for an extended period?

Standby Generators

Investing in alternative or standby power systems for your home can prove useful in an outage and allow you to keep your heat, lights, wifi, and electrical appliances running. One such option is a standby generator. It is a backup power system that keeps the power on in your home when the grid goes down.

Standby generators offer enhanced energy efficiency by only providing power for as long as required. They can connect to an existing gas at your home or be paired with a propane storage solution. Some standby power generators can continue to run for three weeks or more.

Standby generators can automatically switch on when the power goes off in your home, automatically switch off when BC Hydro restores power, and only require basic annual maintenance similar to your car, making them a reliable choice during a blackout. You can use one to power space heaters, televisions, water heaters, washing machines, and more.

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Battery Wall Backup Systems

Another option for alternative power during outages is a battery wall backup system. A home battery backup system (or battery wall backup system) temporarily powers your home in the event of an outage. These solutions have the ability to charge from the electrical grid or solar panels, providing homeowners with a reliable and environmentally friendly backup power solution.

Battery backup systems usually attach to the wall and are well-suited for installations in garages, mechanical rooms, dedicated power sheds, or on the exterior wall of your home. On their own, these solutions are ideal for short-term power interruptions and in scenarios where standby fuel power generators are not an option (i.e. townhouse stratas).

With a constant power supply from a battery wall backup system or standby generator, you can preserve food in the fridge and freezer, keep your family warm, light your home, and continue using your electrical appliances. If you work from home, your job can also continue uninterrupted.

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Looking for alternative power solutions in Victoria, Nanaimo or the Gulf Islands? Consider a Kohler standby generator, a Kohler Power Reserve battery wall solution, or both systems to keep the 'lights on' during a blackout or extended outages.

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