October 6, 2022

Enjoy a 4-Day Work Week With Wenner


Enjoy a 4-Day Work Week With Wenner

Are you feeling burnt out, sluggish, and unmotivated? If so, we get it! The demands of the modern world have evolved since the mass adoption of the 5-day work week in the 1920s. Unfortunately, the work week structure hasn’t yet evolved to meet the demands of the modern world. Luckily, progress is being made as more companies and cultures worldwide are adopting the 4-day work week in favor of the 5-day work week.

We began implementing a 4-day work week structure here at Wenner this past January and have been having great success, both on the jobsite and with achieving better work-life balance. We split the crew into teams. One team works 10-hour days Monday to Thursday, and the second team works 10-hour days Tuesday to Friday. So while our team enjoys the 4-day work schedule, Wenner still serves clients five days out of the week.  

If this work setup sounds intriguing, read on to learn more about the key benefits of a 4-day work week and how you can enjoy these benefits by commencing a job at Wenner

Key Benefits of a 4-Day Work Week

The core of today’s workforce and the generations to come are no longer solely focused on salary or an hourly wage. Instead, the modern world demands more work flexibility and a focus on mental health. A 4-day work week can provide this and more. Three top benefits associated with the 4-day work week structure are outlined below.

Better Work-Life Balance

One of the most significant benefits for employees regarding a 4-day work week is gaining a better work-life balance. A 4-day work week structure gives employees more freedom to arrange their work time to better suit their needs. This increased flexibility allows employees more time to devote to their families or their favorite hobbies while still earning a great paycheck.

Increased Productivity

Another benefit associated with the 4-day work week structure is the increased productivity it often promotes. When team members are well-rested when they come to work, productivity will skyrocket. Overworked employees can’t be as productive as well-rested and motivated employees. A 4-day work week structure is the best way to avoid burnout and stay motivated over the long term.

Improved Work Culture

A third key benefit of implementing a 4-day work week structure is improved work culture. When employees come to work happier and more well-rested, the work culture of any environment will be transformed for the better. Improved work cultures also promote better mental and emotional health for everyone working within the company. From better work-life balance to increased productivity to improved work culture, there’s little to no downside with a 4-day work week structure.

What Does a 4-Day Work Week Looks Like at Wenner?

When you accept a position at Wenner, you can enjoy the benefits of a 4-day week and more. The Wenner 4-day work week comprises four 10-hour days each week, that includes full paid travel to and from the jobsite. So, you will still be able to enjoy the paycheck or a 40-hour work week while enjoying an extra day off each week.

Are you ready to become a part of a modern company emphasizing increased work flexibility while prioritizing mental health? In that case, it’s time to join the Wenner company today. Wenner is always looking for skilled team members. So reach out today to learn what job opportunities Wenner has for you!