December 21, 2021

Home Automation Voice Control

Home automation is the future of home design. With great home automation, you can transform your house into a relaxing oasis where the latest technology is in the palm of your hand.

What makes home automation systems even more cutting-edge is the incorporation of voice control. With voice-control automation, you can manage the tech in your home hands-free. Read on to learn more about what it is how it can help you get the most out of your home automation system.

What Is Voice-Controlled Home Automation?

Home automation lets you control your lighting, audio system, thermostat, televisions, appliances, and security system right over the internet from any computer of smartphone. With voice-controlled home automation, you can control these elements with just the sound of your voice. Check out the top benefits of voice-controlled home automation below:

The Benefits of Voice-Controlled Home Automation:

Optimized Controls: With voice-controlled home automation, you are no longer bound to your smartphone for controlling your smart home devices. Instead, you can control all of them with just the sound of your voice.

Increased Energy Efficiency: Even if you’ve already crawled into bed for the night, you can still adjust your thermostat or turn off the lights in the house through voice-controlled AI (artificial intelligence). This allows you to live a more energy-efficient life and helps you save a little money, too.

Improved Home Security: Voice-controlled home automation lets you lock doors and check your home cameras from any screen by using your voice.

Popular Voice Control Technology

Voice control AI technology has become increasingly popular in recent years. The most well-known includes voice assistant technologies like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. However, when it comes to this type of automation, has become a leader in the industry. Discover more about the innovation and benefits of technology:

Everything You Need to Know About

The aim of, or Josh, is to provide seamless smart home integration that allows everyone to enjoy the power of voice-controlled home automation. Just ask Josh to turn on the lights and play your favorite jam, and the tasks will complete in just seconds.You can place the line of products anywhere within your home. Every Josh system comes with the ability to integrate with your Intuitiv UI, so everything to do with your voice-controlled home automation is always handy to access. Ultimately, technology is simple to use. If you’re looking to integrate voice-controlled automation into your home, look no further than

Incorporate the Power of Voice Control Into Your Home Automation System Today

Consider the convenience that voice control could add to your life. Are you ready to incorporate the power of into your smart home plan? Every home automation project completed with Intuitiv/Wenner Design can include this powerful technology. Reach out to us today to learn all of your options for designing and installing the perfect home automation system.