September 15, 2021

What is Home Automation?

As our lives become busier, we are seeking ways to increase efficiency and make our lives simpler.

What is Home Automation?

Imagine waking up at your scheduled time of 6:30 am and automatically your shades open, your lights turn on to your desired intensity and your tv turns on to the morning news, all without touching a single button. Nearly anything that can be controlled electronically can also be potentially controlled remotely and/or automatically.

There are many systems, of differing levels of quality and ease of use, available on the market. Intuitiv partners with Crestron, a high-end system that hides the technology and complexity in the background, leaving the user with a remarkably intuitive system to operate.

How it Works

Home automation systems work by connecting compatible electronic devices and controlling them from centralized touch screens, remotes, and smart devices. There is no need for multiple apps to operate your system, as everything can be managed through a single user interface (UI). The controls can be divided into two general categories:

Remote Monitoring and Control: From any location, you can use your smartphone or tablet to check on the status of your devices and easily control them. You no longer need to wonder if you locked the front door when you left in the morning or left the lights on in the garage.

Scenes: Preprogrammed settings for a group of devices that are activated at a specific time of day or by the touch of a pre-programmed button. Is it movie night?Simply press the ‘movie’ button and simultaneously the lights dim, the shades lower, and the TV turns onto Netflix.

What can be Controlled

Lighting: Control the intensity, turn them on or off or create customized lighting scenes for your entire home.Have lighting turn on or off in various situations, such as when a motion sensor detects that the room is occupied or empty.

Climate: Set different temperature profiles for each room of your house depending on the time of day or as part of a scene. Similarly, the water temperature of pools or spas can also be regulated through an automation system.

Audio/Visual: Access your favorite channels and music streams easily through the UI and control all TVs and speakers from a single location. Simply enjoy your preferred media in a single room, or with a touch of button distribute that media throughout the entire home.

Security: Monitor security cameras, control access to your home (i.e.doors, windows and gates) and arm your alarm system.

Shades: Crestron offers designer motorized shades that can be controlled from your user interface. Set your shades to your desired length based on the time of day or according to a scene.

The possibilities of what you can achieve with a home automation system are only limited by your imagination.